How to make referrals a priority

April 03 2018

Word of mouth is the best resource for growing your business. Potential clients trust the opinions of people they know, so referrals give you instant credibility without the need for costly ad campaigns. Here are five tips that can help you generate more referral business.


1. Create a memorable client experience. Good business is good business. If you provide clients with exceptional service, they're likely to recommend you to others whether you ask them to or not.


2. Be willing to ask. Let new and existing clients know what referrals mean to your business. Reassure them that you'll treat their friends and family with the same care you've shown them. Here's a great referral script from KW MAPS Coaching to help you get more comfortable with this request.


3. Make the process easy for clients. Don't expect your clients to have a name ready when you ask for a referral. Instead of hoping they'll remember to reach out, follow up with an email reminder that includes a link to a dedicated landing page and referral form.


4. Ask for online reviews and testimonials. Not everyone will have a referral in mind, but they can still contribute by providing word of mouth online. Like referrals, online reviews and testimonials should always be encouraged and easy for clients to submit.


5. Nurture long-term relationships. Just because the transaction is complete doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to provide value. Content marketing is a great way to stay top of mind with past clients, and it helps generate repeat and referral business.


Executing these tips consistently over time can help grow your business. But don't stop there; you can also dip into your vendor network and rub elbows in the local community. Anything you can do to generate more referrals will make your business more successful.

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