How Video Can Be Used in Real Estate Marketing

March 07 2017

Using video to market and sell homes may not be a new idea, but the technology and ways we interact with social media are continually evolving. See what the improvements in video tech could mean for the real estate industry and how you can tap into video to help build relationships.

Video as a Relationship-Building Tool
When you can't connect in person, using video is often the next best thing. A simple prerecorded introduction on your website can give prospects a glimpse of your personality, and video testimonials can boost your credibility. Video can even be used to communicate directly with clients. Know someone who's too busy or too far away to visit a property? Keller Williams agents can use kwVideo to create high-quality recordings featuring private virtual tours, helpful tips and area expertise.

The Value of Native Video
Learning how to use Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube and other video options may seem overwhelming, but it can pay off in the end. Each network prioritizes video that's native to their platform, which leads to greater reach and engagement. In fact, one study showed that uploading a video to Facebook had a 135 percent increase in organic reach over posting a photo.

Where Video Is Headed
While virtual reality and 360-degree video options may seem excessive or costly in a world where agents can broadcast a listing live via cellphone, their value shouldn't be underestimated. In fact, some argue that virtual reality is the future of real estate. One thing is certain: With the introduction of drone technology to the industry, video will likely be at the forefront of real estate marketing for years to come.

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