Do you manage your reputation? Here's why you should:

September 18 2018

A buyer's journey begins online. Not only do prospects research properties here, but also potential agents. What do people see when they find you online?

If you've been neglecting your digital reputation, use the following tips to put your credibility back on track.

1. Control your web presence. 
A website is just the beginning. To establish trust and authority, you have to engage your audience with valuable social content on a consistent basis. Doing so helps increase your search rankings.

2. Register your brand. 
Register your brand on each primary social media channel. Taking control of your identity prevents others from using your name later and confusing prospects with an unrelated product. 

3. Be consistent. 
Use the same name, color scheme, logo and profile picture to make you instantly recognizable across platforms. Be sure that each profile contains the latest bio and contact information.

4. Be proactive. 
Use a tool like Google Alerts to monitor conversations around your brand. Catching negativity early on helps minimize damage to your reputation. Use the data you gather to improve the client experience. Join the conversation, positive or negative. 

5. Never ignore negative reviews. 
Always consider comments carefully before giving a thoughtful response. Thank clients for their feedback. Show empathy and apologize if necessary -- without giving a canned reply. Working toward a resolution shows clients and prospects that you care about their experience.

6. Ask clients for feedback. 
Ask for honest reviews face to face, perhaps after a successful closing. Follow up with an email or online survey. Always ask while the transaction is fresh, and make it easy for satisfied clients to leave reviews.

Don't leave your online reputation to chance. Join the conversation and encourage your satisfied clients to do the same.

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