How Scripts Enhance Your Sales Skills

April 18 2017

For many agents, the idea of using a script is frowned upon, even laughable. They'd prefer to sound natural and unrehearsed. But there's a fine line between sounding unrehearsed and sounding unprepared and unprofessional -- one that, unfortunately, some agents unwittingly cross.

"Script" Isn't a Bad Word
The word "script" often conjures up images of telemarketers robotically reciting poorly written sales pitches, but that's the worst-case scenario. Scripts are valuable learning tools that can enhance your sales skills if you know how to use them.

When you practice a prepared piece of dialogue, it's not about memorization; it's about mental preparation. Repetition helps you internalize difficult concepts. As you grow to understand a concept better, it's much easier to speak intelligently about it in your own words within the flow of a natural conversation.

Confidence Paves the Way for Conversion
Scripts help you prepare for discussion, even if the conversation takes an unexpected turn. Since you don't get rattled, you're able to speak with confidence and authority. This builds clients' confidence in your knowledge and abilities and thus increases the chance of conversion. That's why many experienced agents recommend using scripts to newcomers. It works!

Courtney Newton, an associate with Keller Williams Cityside, learned this early on. Even before she was a real estate agent, Newton was using scripts from Gary Keller's best-seller "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" to improve her sales in retail. "Instead of houses, I was selling lotion," Newton said. "I was able to practice and internalize those scripts, and I saw my sales numbers rise."

And in the end, isn't increased sales what it's all about?

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