Can a mentorship boost your career?

June 06 2017

Succeeding in the real estate business isn't easy, especially if you're just starting out. It helps to have an experienced colleague in your corner to guide you through the pitfalls of a highly competitive industry. And even if you've been in the industry awhile, a mentor can offer support, perspective and advice at every step of your career.

What to Look For
Great mentors have hands-on industry experience they're willing to share. You can turn to them with questions, and you trust them to provide useful, insightful answers. They're happy to make themselves available to you, and they're willing to provide ongoing guidance.

Not only do they help fill in the blanks where strategies, skills and techniques are concerned, but they also lend credibility by association and quickly expand your network, which can be invaluable for an agent who is just starting out.

It's a Two-Way Street
Proteges aren't the only ones who benefit from the relationship. According to Denis Milonas, consulting broker for Keller Williams Emerald Coast Realty in Florida, the role of a mentor can be incredibly satisfying. He says, "It gives me a good feeling of giving back and seeing my mentees succeed."

But personal satisfaction is only one reason. Advising a new agent can also help you keep your skills fine-tuned. New agents often bring a fresh perspective to the table, offering new ways of thinking and new technologies. And your network can grow from having access to a brand-new set of contacts.

Whether you're the teacher or the student, a mentorship can provide ongoing, mutual support for many years to come.

Is 2017 the year you make the change? If so, Keller Williams can help. A commitment to training and coaching at every level is at the heart of Keller Williams' corporate model. Get in touch to learn how we can help you too.