5 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

April 04 2017

There are a lot of social media tips and must-do lists available to help you expand your reach on across platforms. But what about the things you should never do? The list below addresses five such actions.

1. Don't assume conversations are private.
Some people make the mistake of thinking conversations in Facebook groups and industry forums are private. But even with privacy settings, there's nothing to prevent other members from taking screen shots of your comments and sharing them with others, if they're so inclined.

2. Don't make inappropriate comments about other agents.
Speaking out of turn about another real estate professional could put you in violation of Article 15 of the Code of Ethics, which prohibits false or misleading statements about the business practices or transactions of other agents. Comments about past commissions and clients can also land you in hot water.

3. Don't post listings in inappropriate places.
Avoid posting other agents' listings to your accounts, as this could be interpreted as improper advertising. And refrain from putting your own listings on personal accounts; real estate professionals must identify themselves and their company when posting any advertising material, according to Article 12.

4. Don't post about controversial issues or get too opinionated.
Getting too personal on social media is a quick way to offend your audience. Steer clear of any hot-button topics to help preserve client relationships.

5. Don't ignore comments and online reviews.
Social media is about engagement. If you post a topic that inspires comments and questions, it's important to be there to continue the conversation. And if a client takes the time to write a review, whether the comments are positive or negative, it's wise to give them a thoughtful response. Neglecting to respond could communicate a lack of concern or indifference.

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