4 Ways Agents Can Invest in Themselves

July 04 2017

Professionals in all industries experience busy ups and slow downs, including the most successful real estate agents. One key to remaining productive is to use down time to better yourself both personally and professionally. The next time you have the opportunity, try one of the following suggestions.

Learn Who You Are
Take a little "me" time to discover who you are as a person and as an agent, and focus on finding a balance. As Gary Keller says, "Learning, working and playing are all essential parts of a whole life and should take place throughout life."

Take stock of your values: spiritual, physical and financial. Consider how these beliefs can inform your mission as an agent and guide your plan of action where personal and career goals are concerned.

Improve Your Game Plan
Review your metrics to see what's working and what isn't. Refine your annual plan accordingly. While you're at it, update your website, social profiles and business listings. Also clean up your database; it's the foundation for all of your marketing activities.

Do Your Homework
Never underestimate the importance of ongoing education. At Keller Williams, our training curriculum is designed to provide tools and strategies that will have an immediate impact on an agent's career.

You can do your own research outside of professional programs and learning opportunities as well. For example, you can study local neighborhoods and create a niche for yourself. Or maybe you want to improve your public speaking skills by joining Toastmasters International.

Prepare for Prospecting
Preparation is the key to successful prospecting. Write a few short scripts for reaching out. Remember, you don't need to read these verbatim, but having your key points outlined can help you present a clear and consistent message from one conversation to the next.

Training and coaching are key components of the Keller Williams experience. Our award-winning programs provide agents with education and resources to create a successful real estate practice. Learn more about how we can help you too.